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Government's lack of transparency on sheep ban bill shameful

Mark Harvey-Sutton, CEO of the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council said today that the government’s refusal to hold an inquiry was a shameful attack on Western Australian farmers, truckies and the regional towns that support them.

“Today was a galling display of arrogance from this government. It was typical of the political dealings the Government indulges in, that instead of supporting farmers and hard-working Western Australians, they are discarding them for inner city votes and cutting deals with cross benchers,”

“The motion was very nearly supported with the only difference being the Government strong-arming key crossbenchers,”

“We thank those members of the crossbench, including Senators Pocock, Lambie, Roberts, Babet and Van who stood for scrutiny of the Bill today by voting for an inquiry,” he said.

“The fact the Government went to these lengths to avoid Senate scrutiny shows they were worried and would no longer be able to wilfully ignore the true devastating impacts of this tainted Bill, if a Senate inquiry was held, particularly after their fraudulent House of Representatives inquiry.”

“It’s clear they are seeing the groundswell of Western Australian farmers and the broader agricultural community, as well as city folk who strongly support them, across the country against this government.”

Mr Harvey-Sutton said even though today’s result was disappointing, it doesn’t change industry’s focus and farmers and their many friends, won’t be swept under the carpet.

“We call on all Senators to use their vote for fairness and ask them to vote against this unfair legislation when it is put before the Senate.”




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