The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC) is a member-based, peak industry body representing Australia’s livestock export sector.

ALEC is responsible for setting industry policy, providing strategic direction and representing Australia's livestock export trade both nationally and across the world.

Listening, acting, improving

Our mission is to lead the development and growth of Australia’s livestock export trade through continuous improvements to the trade’s business and market environments; promoting professional and welfare excellence throughout the supply chain; and securing our standing with the Australian public and our customers.

Australia’s livestock export industry is collaborating with our Australian and overseas partners to continually improve animal welfare practices and outcomes. As an industry, we are committed to learning from supply chain failures and using data, systems and tools to anticipate and avoid future welfare incidents.

Our growth and innovation priorities include:

  • Investing in infrastructure upgrades, including livestock export vessels and in-market facilities overseas, to improve supply chain conditions and the management of Australian livestock
  • Equipping stakeholders with the knowledge and skills to protect the welfare of animals and prevent cruelty
  • Protecting and improving market access and demand for Australian livestock in an ethically responsible and sustainable manner