Australia’s $1.3 billion livestock export trade is a major source of employment in the national red meat sector, which is now the country’s largest value-added manufacturing industry.

Australia’s cattle exports are worth $1.2 billion annually, sheep exports are worth $82 million, and goats exports are valued at about $3.9 million.

Economic modelling conducted by ABARES and the Centre for International Economics has found that Australian livestock exports generate about 10,000 jobs across Australia and that a cessation of the trade would impose a net cost of about $300 million annually on Australian livestock producers.

Live cattle exports are a key economic activity which generates economic growth across northern Australia at a time when the development of this part of the nation is seen as an important element of future national economic development.

$1.3 billion
total value of Australia's livestock export revenue
Number of jobs generated across Australia
$300 million
Minimum net cost to producers if live trade ceased
Economic impact infographic