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Government's live sheep ban announcement a complete and utter disgrace

Today, ALEC CEO, Mark Harvey-Sutton denounced the Government’s announcement of the package for the phase out of live sheep by sea as a disgrace, saying it was clear that the Government was throwing out Australia’s vital agricultural industries in favour of activist ideologies, as well as a few votes.

“This is a paltry package that completely ignores the complexity of the Australian sheep farming supply chain. It’s an insulting way to attempt to compensate for a ban that will decimate WA farmers and their families.”

Today’s announcement was evidence that the Albanese Government didn’t understand agriculture and had aligned itself to militant anti-agriculture groups to somehow help garner votes in inner city seats.

“Not only will all of Australia’s agriculture industry feel let down by Minister Watt’s announcement today, but all West Australians will feel let down by their Federal Labor MPs, who have sold out their farmers for east coast votes.”

Mr Harvey-Sutton said the way the package was announced was a disgrace.

“Just this week, Minister Watt was shaking hands with people who depend on live export at Beef Australia and hearing first-hand the devastating impacts of the 2011 ban. Yet, unfortunately, the first thing he does after that is fly straight to Perth to breeze in and shut live sheep exports down.”

“Instead of meeting with farmers and their communities on the ground, he made the announcement from an ivory tower in the centre of Perth.

“To add further insult to injury, the Minister advised farmers at the same time as anti-agriculture activists! They cheered on the policy, despite being on the same call as farmers and producers, with investment in the industry, who stand to lose everything.”

Mr Harvey-Sutton said the WA State Government has confirmed that this will negatively impact WA communities. “Even today Minister Jarvis has confirmed that the WA Government does not support this policy.”

“In light of this, the Federal Government must reconsider its absurdly short timeframe and the crisis it will create for WA families and their towns.”

Despite the announcement, Mr Harvey-Sutton made it clear that farmers and the livestock export industry would not accept this unfair treatment lying down.

“The Australian livestock industry would like to deliver a very clear message to WA’s sheep farmers: we are standing with you and this is only the beginning of the fight.”

“Rest assured, this will be an election issue in WA at the next Federal election and potentially across Australia.”



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