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Statement on cattle deaths at sea

ALEC understands that a shipment of cattle to Indonesia experienced a significant mortality event during a voyage to Indonesia that discharged on 24 March.

The number of deaths are yet to be confirmed through the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) investigation process.

Initial assumptions are that this is a case of Botulism, with the affected animals coming from a single property. Efforts are underway to treat remaining animals that may be affected.

Prior to departure, all livestock loaded onto the vessel were assessed to be in good health and fit to load and were inspected by veterinarians.

The issue was self-reported by the exporter, which is assisting DAFF with further investigation. The exporter has conducted itself correctly through the process and will work closely with DAFF to determine the cause of the deaths.

DAFF is engaging with Indonesian officials to keep them informed of the issue. Australia is confident that there is no evidence of an exotic disease and that our Animal Health Status remains unchanged.

Indonesia is Australia’s most important trading partner for live cattle and it is important that we work closely and transparently with them as we work through this issue.




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