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Out of touch activists must condemn Singer if serious about animal wellbeing

The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC) today called on the Australian Alliance for Animals Chair, Hon Dr Craig Emerson to condemn and immediately expel its member, Animals Australia, for continuing to actively promote its co-founder Peter Singer, despite revelations in social media posts and in the West Australian that Mr Singer seemingly endorses zoophilia; the sexual fixation between animals and humans.

The Animals Australia website in June this year describes Mr Singer as “one of the most influential philosophers of our time” and as “challenging societal norms inspiring us to re-evaluate the human-animal relationship and respect the inherent value of all thinking, feeling beings” while promoting a speaking tour for Mr Singer. Mr Singer’s book is also available for purchase on the Animals Australia website.

ALEC CEO Mark Harvey-Sutton said it was disgusting. “Mr Singer’s continued discussion of sexual contact with animals is unbelievable and simply indefensible. It cannot be written off as simple academic musings or philosophising. It is morally wrong must be called out for what it is.”

“By not condemning Mr Singer and continuing to promote his works on their website, Animals Australia have clearly demonstrated their moral compass is off and they seem willing to tolerate the most-heinous treatment of animals.”

“The greatest hypocrisy in all of this is that Animals Australia has been granted formal advisory roles on Australian Government committees. It was also a key architect, alongside the Australian Alliance for Animals, of the Australian Government’s live sheep phase out policy which it claims will prevent the mistreatment of animals.”

“I fail to understand how the live export industry and the farmers that support it can be demonised for providing animal welfare training in our markets and for providing food security to our trading partners, yet this is not called out.”

“If Dr Emerson does not act, then he should resign.”

“The Australian Government should also take note that while thousands of farmers, particularly sheep farmers, across the country are being ignored, it is taking its advice on animal welfare from groups with views like these. As such, their positions on Government committees are now untenable.”

“Surely enough is enough!”


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