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ALEC welcomes new corporate partner, Zoetis

ALEC is pleased to welcome a new partnership with Zoetis starting in 2023.

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Zoetis is the largest animal health company in Australia and the world. It provides industry-leading products and services coupled with extensive knowledge and industry leadership. Its annual global spend in research and development is ~$800M AUD, which includes facilities and investment in Australia focussing on health innovation specific to the challenges we face in this region and around the world.

The partnership with Zoetis means a greater focus on health, welfare and sustainability for animals in the live export trade. Zoetis will assist significantly in the integration of whole-of-life health outcomes right through the chain lending credibility and greater certainty for customers involved in the live export business. A good example of this is Zoetis’ support for the recently launched Immune Ready initiative, under the auspices of the Australian Cattle Vets Association, which provides formalised standards of care in vaccination programs for producers under a regulated system - helping producers to market their cattle better and providing assurance for customers.

ALEC very much looks forward to working closely with Zoetis as a business partner and sponsor of our industry over the coming years.


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