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Notice of Oman Feedlot Incident

Rural Export and Trading (WA) Pty Ltd RETWA advised the Department of Agriculture Water and the Environment, as the industry’s regulator, of an incident that occurred at an Omani importer’s feedlot on Friday Night 29th April 2022. Once the circumstances were ascertained, the exporter immediately self-reported the incident to DAWE on 2 May 2022.

Feedlot staff were overpowered by a large group of people seeking to purchase sheep for the Eid Il Fitr Festival.

Before control of the situation could be established a number of sheep were removed from the facility. Currently approximately 60 sheep are unaccounted for. Priority is being given to determining how many via stocktake to be undertaken by the exporters representative due to arrive within hours.

There were no serious injuries reported amongst the staff of the facility.

Local Police were immediately contacted by the importer, attended the feedlot and are currently investigating.

We are extremely disappointed this incident has occurred, as it would have been incredibly distressing for feedlot staff and the livestock at the facility.

Our investigation is ongoing, and all information will be provided to the DAWE accordingly.

  • The Eid Il Fitr Festival is an important holiday in Oman with families looking to share meals with friends and family. It is a period of high demand for livestock with Australian livestock particularly desired.
  • Australia is relied upon as supplier of high-quality livestock in a region where food security is a key consideration for our trading partners.
  • Oman does not receive high volumes of Australian sheep nor does it receive Australian sheep all the time. However, Oman has a longstanding trading relationship with Australia.
  • The context of this incident needs to be understood – this is a highly secure facility, and it is deeply unfortunate that this group of people were able to gain access to the livestock through civil unrest.
  • The actions of the group were clearly illegal and reprehensible and local police are investigating the incident.
  • The staff at the facility are safe with no serious injuries reported.
  • Livestock movements of Australian sheep at the facility have been secured.
  • The exporter is extremely disappointed this incident occurred, and their staff are immediately attending the facility to determine any actions that need to take place before the livestock movements can recommence.


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