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2020 Young Livestock Exporter Achiever of the Year

Nutrien Ag Solutions and the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC) are pleased to announce the winner of the 2020 Young Livestock Exporter Achiever of the Year Award, HALLEEN Australasian Livestock Traders ESCAS Manager Patrick Coole. Nutrien Ag Solutions’ South East Region Livestock Lead Adam Mountjoy made the announcement at the ALEC virtual Members meeting on Thursday 29 October.

 “I was very impressed by the calibre of the 2020 nominees. Each nominee demonstrated a strong passion and commitment for what they do, and they are an assurance of how promising the future is within the live export industry. Nutrien Ag Solutions is proud to support this great initiative recognising young achievers,” says Mr Mountjoy.

Mr Coole started his career working on livestock vessels as a stock person, then progressed to working in market as an ESCAS consultant and now as an ESCAS Manager. Pat oversees the animal welfare and traceability programs throughout the export supply chain, including in-market training and monitoring of on-going compliance with all ESCAS commitments.

“Pat has been integral in creating new and improving old systems. Working with the in-market staff to ensure they are trained so they can be strong representatives of the industry. He plays a pivotal role in liaising with clients and providing guidance to operational staff as needed,” says Ian Halleen Managing Director.

“Pat currently participates in multiple industry committees and had an important role in the establishment of the Young Livestock Exporters Network (YLEN) with his drive being to see the participation and development of younger people within the industry,” says Mr Halleen.

ALEC chief executive officer Mark Harvey-Sutton said Mr Coole was one of many outstanding young professionals working in the live export industry.

“As an industry it is important to give recognition to the exceptional young achievers, their commitment to innovation, leadership, and to world-leading practices. Pat continues to demonstrate he is committed to the future of the industry, the people he works with, and his role within it. He is well deserving of this award and we look forward to watching his career further progress,” says Mr Harvey-Sutton.



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