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Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council response to new requirements for live sheep exports to the Middle East

The announcement today on the new restrictions put in place for the live sheep export trade to the Middle East enables exporters to make commitments and secure livestock in order to provide our global partners' food security.

“Australia’s livestock export system is world leading and supports thousands of jobs, especially in our regional areas. The industry remains committed to the highest standard of animal welfare and will continue to work with the broader red meat industry, government and our global partners to safely provide protein and food security.” says Mark Harvey-Sutton ALEC CEO.

“Our global markets are relying on the live export industry to support their food supply chains and the importance of live export is increasing, given the current reductions in other forms of transportation, particularly air-freight. We have a responsibility to continue to support our regional neighbours and their food production systems at this critical time.”

“We will continue to work closely and support the exporters to provide certainty and reassurance to our global partners that their food security and supply chains will not be compromised. We acknowledge the work and extensive consultation undertaken by the Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) and for working with industry to support a sustainable live export trade.”

“The livestock export industry is determined to continually achieve improvements in the industry’s sustainability and animal welfare outcomes, building on the genuine care producers, exporters and importers have for their livestock in the supply chains. Animal welfare remains paramount as the live export industry continues to meet the food security objectives of all our trading partners.” says Mr Harvey-Sutton.


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