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New market opens for live exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC) welcomes the opening of livestock exports to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia after a 10-year hiatus. ALEC would like to thank the work of Minister Littleproud, his office and industry bodies, in securing this important market.

The Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment (DAWE) has today announced the new trade opportunities for sheep and goat producers.

“Securing access to Saudi Arabia has been an enormous task for industry. This will not only enable exporters to provide food security to the Saudi people but will assist sheep and goat producers in having greater global market opportunities to a market we once had a significant share in. It remains the Middle East’s major livestock market importing nearly 8 million sheep, goats, cattle & camels annually and Australia now has the opportunity to export to that market.” Mark Harvey-Sutton ALEC CEO.

A commercial and government mission from Saudi Arabia in early 2018 set the scene for this outcome and extensive consultation involving exporters, importers, industry bodies, DAWE, the Saudi Arabia Ministry of Environment, Water & Agriculture have enabled the trade with Saudi for live export of sheep and goats to come to reality. Australia’s strict biosecurity measures will ensure that livestock meet the importing countries requirements, and that we provide high quality livestock.

“The consultation with industry has enabled workable market access based on producers having immunised livestock for scabby mouth and clostridial diseases. Livestock will be examined by veterinarians accredited by the Australian Government before entering quarantine and preparation for export consignments.”

“The National Livestock Identification System (NLIS) and producers’ compliance under Livestock Producer Assurance (LPA) will be critical for this market and provides the mechanisms for animal traceback and verification of requirements by Saudi Arabia. Exporters and producers welcome the opportunity to provide Australian livestock to Saudi Arabia and to further developing a mutually beneficial partnership.” Mr Harvey-Sutton.

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