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ALEC's response to new "Cash for Cruelty" allegations I Daily Telegrapgh

Yesterday’s Daily Telegraph article outlines new allegations and evidence that Animals Australia (AA) did make payments to crew members on vessels exporting live animals.


“ALEC have maintained all along that if payments were made for footage then this creates a market for animal cruelty and this is why we are greatly concerned by these serious allegations," says Mark Harvey-Sutton ALEC CEO.

“If the allegations are true then this is clearly unethical behaviour and places animals at a greater welfare risk.”

“ALEC initially refrained from making a public statement on the allegations, as we believed the allegations should first be substantiated. ALEC has written to Animals Australia many times and met with them in June to establish whether payments had been made. They have denied making payments.”

“We have again sought an explanation from Animals Australia.”

"ALEC continues to be driven by animal welfare and as an industry we are genuinely committed to transparency, reform and leadership and to continually achieve and improve animal welfare outcomes, there is genuine care by producers, exporters and importers for the animals in the supply chains.” says Mr Harvey-Sutton.

The Departments Media statement released in July, concluding their investigation did not find any evidence to suggest breaches of Commonwealth laws were committed and no footage was contrived, did not offer any details on their findings and declined to release the full report for public review. In order to understand the details of the investigation and how those conclusions were reached the report must be released.


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