ALEC Board

Mr Simon Westaway

Chief Executive Officer

Simon Westaway is the CEO of the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC), commencing the role in August 2016.

Mr Westaway has held a number of senior corporate affairs and corporate communications roles over more than two decades. His extensive professional experience is derived from working for some of Australia’s largest companies including BHP, Orica, Tourism Australia, Jetstar and Medibank Private Limited. Working in major industries such as resources and mining services, tourism, aviation and private health means Mr Westaway brings a unique perspective and skills to his leadership role in Australia’s livestock export industry.


The Hon Simon Crean


The Hon Simon Crean was elected Chairman of the Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council in October 2014, and re-elected for a second term in 2016.

Mr Simon Crean served as the Member for Hotham in the Australian Parliament from 1990, retiring at the 2013 election. During this time, Mr Crean was leader of the Australian Labor Party and Federal Leader of the Opposition and held various ministerial portfolios. He served as Minister for Primary Industries and Energy, Minister for Trade and Minister for Regional Australia, Regional Development and Local Government. Prior to joining politics, Simon worked in a number of trade unions and was President of the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) from 1985 to 1990.


Dr Tony Brightling

Dr Tony Brightling is a veterinarian who has worked with the live export industry since the mid-1980s, in various roles both in Australian and overseas as a regulator, veterinary service provider, consultant and corporate senior manager.

He has completed numerous applied research projects and consultancies for LiveCorp and MLA, covering goat exports, scabby mouth vaccination, salmonellosis in sheep feedlots, exotic disease risks, water consumption at sea, best practice use of veterinary drugs, dairy live export animal welfare stocktake, and more.

Dr Brightling has also worked extensively in Australia’s livestock export markets in the Middle East, including in senior roles with Elders International and Landmark Global Exports. Tony also served as chairman of LiveCorp’s Protocol Committee from 2004-2010 and drafted the Livestock Export Accreditation Program (LEAP) Standards, which was subsequently re-badged the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock.


Mr John Edwards

Mr John Edwards is Export Services Manager with Australia’s largest live sheep exporter Emanuel Exports, based in Perth.

He holds a Bachelor of Business (Agriculture) with 35 years’ direct involvement with the live sheep export trade both in Australia and working abroad in senior management roles for major livestock importers in the Middle East. He is a past Chairman of the Western Australian Livestock Exporters’ Association and currently an ALEC representative to the Live Export Industry Research & Development Committee (LERDAC). 


Mr Cameron Hall

Mr Cameron Hall is a food and agribusiness consultant in the domestic and international market.

He has completed strategic and operational projects in the fields of meat and livestock, feed stuffs, logistics, international trade, supply chains and agricultural investment. Until September 2016, Mr Hall was responsible for the day-to-day management, performance and development of Elders International operations across the Live Export Services areas and was a Director for all of Elders’ Feed and Processing business units.

Internationally this involved the Elders-owned 7800-head capacity feedlot in Indonesia; an abattoir in Indonesia; a high-end beef import and distribution business in China; and a live export business in New Zealand. It also covered the live export of beef and dairy cattle and breeding sheep to various countries including China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Japan, Pakistan, Vietnam and Malaysia.

Mr Hall boasts more than 25 years’ experience in agriculture, having commenced as a jackaroo and property manager and subsequently serving in senior roles such as Landmark (National Agency Director), Livecorp (Chief Executive Officer) and Elders International Trading (previously as Manager Corporate Operations, and Strategy Development Manager).


Dr David Jarvie

Dr David Jarvie is the General Manager of Wellard Feeds and has been involved in the livestock export and red meat sector in Australia for more than four decades.

A veterinarian who graduated from the University of Sydney in 1973, Dr Jarvie initially worked in mixed practice in NSW before spending time a shipboard veterinarian and in training livestock vessel crews.

Prior to joining Wellard in 1990, he was employed as Senior Veterinary Officer in the Department of Agriculture in Victoria, working for AQIS supervising the import and export of livestock from Victoria. Prior to that he held several senior roles with livestock exporter and processor Metro Meat.

In 2007, Dr Jarvie was appointed as an industry Director of Livecorp, and subsequently re-elected in 2010 and 2013 for additional three-year terms.

Among his other industry roles, he has served on a range of biosecurity and animal health committees, including as the industry’s representatives on the review of the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL).

Dr Jarvie is currently the chairman of the Western Australian Livestock Exporters’ Association and chairman of the Livestock Global Assurance Program (LGAP) industry steering committee.


Mr William McEwin

Mr William McEwin is the Managing Director of Frontier International, based in Adelaide, and was elected as an ALEC director in 2016.

His previous roles include General Manager of Nanshan Group Australia, Group Commercial Manager of Thomas Foods International and Country General Manager for Elders (China). He has a wide range of professional experience including joint venture set-ups, full-cycle company start-ups, and mergers, acquisitions and divestment.

Mr McEwin holds a Bachelor of Business (Agriculture), graduate diplomas in Finance and Accounting, a Master of Business Administration and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.


Mr Troy Setter

Mr Troy Setter is the Chief Executive Officer, Consolidated Pastoral Company (CPC) and one of the top agribusiness leaders in Australia.

CPC is Australia’s largest private beef producer with 367,500 head of cattle run on a portfolio of 16 stations across Australia’s three northern states. Throughout his career Mr Setter has been responsible for all aspects of the supply chain; from cereal and fibre cropping, grain and grass fed cattle operations, domestic and international logistics, trading and shipping through to genetic improvement, beef and cattle marketing, broad strategy development, investment and finance

Prior to being appointed Chief Executive Officer at CPC in July 2014, Mr Setter was the Chief Operating Officer of Australian Agricultural Company. Troy has held key management positions with agribusinesses including, North Australian Cattle Company, Torrens Investments, Killara Feedlot and Twynam Group. Along with having a degree in Rural Science from University of New England, he has also completed the Agribusiness program at Harvard Business School, The Australian Rural Leadership Program and is a Member Australian Institute of Company Directors. Troy also sits on the advisory committee of Tocal.


Mr Justin Slaughter

Mr Justin Slaughter is a Principal, Managing Director and CEO of Australian Rural Exports Pty Ltd (AUSTREX) and group affiliated companies. 

Founded in 1973 AUSTREX is one of the largest livestock, genetics and protein supply businesses in the world. Mr Slaughter has over 25 years’ experience in developing global markets for Australian livestock and agricultural products, is a past Livestock Industry Young Achiever and represented 44 members as Chairman of the Queensland Livestock Exporters Association (QLEA) for 8 years.  Since 2015 he has been a Director, appointed the cattle representative of the Australian Live Exporters Council (ALEC).