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Senate scrutiny urgently needed after Labor's bad faith sham inquiry

ALEC has today condemned the Labor controlled House of Representatives Agriculture committee for failing to do the right thing and for presiding over a sham inquiry.

“When we gave evidence to this inquiry, we said we expected it to be a complete waste of time and that no rigorous scrutiny could come from such a hasty process. We knew the outcome of this inquiry before it commenced, proving there was no genuine desire to examine the bill.”

“However, we challenged the Labor members of the committee to do better than simply toeing the party line as everyone was expecting them to do and to actually genuinely question the merits of this harmful policy.”

“Sadly we have been proven correct, with the committee report simply reading activist talking points, cherry picking misleading evidence from people that have never set foot on a vessel under current conditions. Totally ignoring basic economics on the impact that the ban will have.”

“In addition, they have totally ignored the overwhelming evidence from the Australian agricultural community about the harmful effects of this policy, including over 1100 individual submissions from affected sheep farmers which have been incorrectly mislabelled as pro forma submissions.”

“For weeks now, Prime Minister Albanese and Minister Watt have been describing its dismal transition package as ‘generous.’ However, now this committee has conceded that the government might need to find more money. But to do so in 2026 is too late. The damage will be done. This clearly demonstrates the government is all over the shop on this ban, and cannot be trusted to act honestly in the interest of WA farmers and their communities.”

“This whole farce of an inquiry has been unjust. The Senate is the parliamentary mechanism designed to keep the government of the day honest and protect the rights of states. Farmers urgently need the Senate to do what the government won’t – stand up for fairness and good governance. We appeal to all Senators to scrutinise this bad bill and ultimately throw it in the bin where it belongs.”



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