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44,000 reasons to reverse the ban on live sheep

Today, ALEC CEO, Mark Harvey-Sutton celebrated the achievement of community group Keep the Sheep, on reaching over 44,000 signatures and growing and said it was further evidence that the community doesn’t support the Albanese Government’s ban on live sheep exports.

“The Government has long held up the RSPCA’s petition as ‘proof’ that the community supports the ban. The Keep the Sheep petition has surpassed this in a single week, relying on word of mouth and social media advertising. The RSPCA took four weeks for their petition – imagine how many signatures KTS will have by then! There is now concrete evidence that there is no widespread community support for this terrible policy.”

An election commitment does not automatically equate to good policy. Good policy should be the motivation of this government, not politics.

“The Minister continues to act as a mouthpiece for activist groups, citing their petitions and reposting their content on social media, but it is clear he has done nothing to ascertain the true levels of community support for the trade.

“The evidence is there from industry research and development body, Livecorp, in its five-year study into community sentiment. The evidence was also on display last week with 1700 vehicles lining the streets of Perth with widespread support from the Perth community for their efforts.”

Mr Harvey-Sutton said that while the Minister continued to beat the drum of sheepmeat exports being the ‘solution’, the reality is that this is not a debate about processing vs live exports, because a viable sheep industry needs both and our trading partners need both.

“We completely support the growth in sheepmeat exports as that is good for everyone. But if you take a market live exports away then the market's dynamic that delivers this value falls away too.”

“We know this policy is actually going to cost jobs and impact thousands of rural businesses in WA and the Albanese Government has left the industry stranded with their dismal transition package.”

“The Western Australian Government does not support this policy. Not a single agricultural peak body supports this policy. The Western Australian community does not support this policy. The only people that do are animal activists and the Albanese Government.”




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