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ALEC rides with convoy in support of West Australian farmers and truckies

Today, ALEC CEO, Mark Harvey-Sutton was pleased to ride in the cab of a truck as part of the rally organised by WA locals to protest the Albanese Government’s ban on live sheep and said that the mood on the ground in Western Australia reflected the dismay in the policy.

“I am pleased to be here, standing together with farmers and uniting to have this disastrous policy reversed. We hope that the people of Perth join with us in supporting this. It’s not just a policy that will hurt farmers. The impact on the entire sheep supply chain will hurt families throughout WA.”

The Keep the Sheep campaign has widespread support and received over 19,000 signatures since the petition was opened only 48 hours ago.

“We know that people across WA support farmers and truckies. We know that West Australians agree that the Government destroying livelihoods during a cost of living crisis is unfair,” he said.

“We won’t stop fighting this ban and it will be an election issue for the Government in Western Australia and beyond.”

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