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Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council welcomes the resumption of trade with a vessel tour and the recently released Mecardo Report on the Value of Live Sheep Exports to Australia

The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC) welcomes the resumption of trade this week after an extended trade moratorium. The industry has seen major reform in the last 12 months accepting all recommendations from reviews and the industry lead moratorium during the Northern Summer period.


“Our trading partners need security and stability. The industry has established strong partnerships with clients some sourcing Australian sheep for over 40 years, the impact to the industry over the past 18 months has seen uncertainty but with positive change for the industry. Initiatives like the moratorium mean that competitors have entered some of our markets, in order to guarantee food security. The positive impact on animal welfare is the net gain and there is no doubt that we do lead the world in that respect.” says Mark Harvey-Sutton ALEC CEO.

ALEC is supportive of the initiative shown by The Sheep Collective and importer Kuwait Livestock Transport and Trading (KLTT) by inviting the public to see and experience the reality of the trade by attending the loading of a sheep vessel. The tour corresponds with the resumption of trade and will cover the preparation of sheep for export and an open discussion around animal welfare and care for the sheep while onboard. This initiative is further proof that industry is committed to transparency and is an important and viable industry to Australia.

Australia’s livestock export system is world leading and supports thousands of jobs, especially in our regional areas. According to the latest report carried out by Mecardo on the value of Australia’s live sheep export trade analysis shows that almost half of all revenue generated by live exports is retained on farms, earning producers around $100 million per year on average and employs 3,443 people on a full-time basis.

“The livestock export industry is a viable and important industry to Australia and is committed to continual improvement and transparency. The resumption of trade brings the industry renewed stability and food security for our customers, strengthening industries global reputation as leaders in live export and animal welfare.” says Mr Harvey-Sutton.

Annie Frisch 0476 844 886
Communications and Media Director ALEC
26 September 2019

The full Mecardo report can be downloaded here