Update: Al Shuwaikh approved to sail

THE livestock vessel Al Shuwaikh has been granted Australian Maritime Safety Authority approval to depart Port Adelaide, after spare engine parts were flown to Adelaide yesterday (February 14).
The ship has now commenced its journey to Fremantle and onto the Arabian Gulf.
The vessel experienced an engine problem on Friday morning when it was scheduled to depart. The ship’s engineers investigated the situation, with an engineer from the manufacturer’s Australian agents attending on Saturday and overseeing the necessary repairs, which were completed by Sunday morning.
ALEC and the exporter share the public interest in the welfare of the sheep on board.
All of Al Shuwaikh’s livestock systems have remained fully functional throughout, with sheep having full access to food, water and ventilated fresh air. The Australian Government Accredited Veterinarian (AAV) and Stockman have remained on board and have been closely monitoring the stock in conjunction with 30 Al Shuwaikh crew members who work exclusively in on-board livestock management.
The AAV has again confirmed the health of the sheep has not been compromised by the delay in any way.
The ship is carrying less than half its capacity, with sheep loaded over two periods on Thursday – in the early morning and the evening, to avoid the hotter conditions experienced during the day.
Stock have been loaded and penned in accordance with the Australian Standards for the Export of Livestock (ASEL), and some sheep have been subsequently moved to provide even more space and shade. On board temperatures have remained under 30 degrees Celsius throughout.
To view video footage of the sheep on board the Al Shuwaikh, click here.

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