Simon Westaway commences as ALEC CEO

THE Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council’s incoming Chief Executive Officer Simon Westaway has hit the ground running in his new role, officially commencing with ALEC this week.

Mr Westaway, who has extensive experience in corporate and government affairs, was confirmed as ALEC’s new CEO on August 1.

Prior to his official start, Mr Westaway gained valuable early insight into the industry by touring key parts of the northern supply chain with ALEC Chairman, The Hon Simon Crean, and Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister, The Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP.

“Our Northern Territory tour last month really confirmed just how many people and businesses play an integral role in the livestock export supply chain,” Mr Westaway said.

“We are a strong, professional and highly integrated industry, and I am looking forward to supporting our members’ best interests.”

Mr Westaway said that advocating on behalf of livestock exporters would be an important and rewarding challenge.

“The overall strength and size of Australia’s livestock export sector, as well as our strategic alignment with supply chain partners both here and overseas, means it is absolutely critical that we speak with one voice and articulate our story very clearly,” Mr Westaway said.

“While the economic and ethical imperatives of our industry are very compelling, perhaps our greatest threat is a lack of awareness about how the livestock export industry actually works, including the world-leading animal welfare, control and traceability standards built in to our market systems.”

Working with Mr Crean and highly regarded livestock industry figure Dr Peter Barnard, who has been acting as interim ALEC CEO in recent weeks, Mr Westaway has now embarked on a busy schedule of industry briefings and meeting with key government and industry stakeholders.

He will attend his first ALEC Board meeting in Perth later this month, ahead of ALEC’s AGM in Canberra on October 26, which will coincide with the industry’s major event for 2016, LIVEXforum.

(CAPTION: At the Port of Darwin last month, NTLEA CEO Stuart Kemp, Assistant Minister to the Deputy Prime Minister The Hon Luke Hartsuyker MP, ALEC Chairman Simon Crean and ALEC CEO Simon Westaway.)



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