THE Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council, the peak body of Australia’s $2 billion livestock export industry, is closely aligned with community expectations regarding the mandatory welfare and supply chain controls which must be in place for any Australian livestock exports.
With respect to the potential live export of species such as horses and donkeys for slaughter, ALEC’s members are neither demanding, nor supportive, of any such trade activity at this time.
“There is no will by ALEC and its members to support the live export of horses and donkeys from Australia for slaughter. No member of ALEC is presently seeking to undertake this activity,” ALEC CEO Simon Westaway said.
“The live export of any livestock from Australia needs to meet the existing high standard of mandatory welfare and supply chain control now in place for other species.
“Our industry standards in this regard are global leading.”
ALEC members currently undertake live export of cattle, sheep and goats for slaughter to markets, predominantly situated across South East Asia and the Middle East, helping meet many nations’ food security needs and growing demand for protein.
“Conclusive evidence and substantial welfare safeguards relating horses and donkeys in transit and in-market, which are thus far not available, would be needed before any possible consideration can be given to alter the industry’s existing viewpoint,” Mr Westaway said.

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