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Livestock supply chains well prepared for busy festival period

AUSTRALIAN Livestock Exporters’ Council Chairman, Hon Simon Crean, says months of collaborative planning and preparation by industry in the lead-up to busy religious festivals in key Muslim markets reflects Australia’s long-term commitment to a sustainable livestock export trade.

Mr Crean said the annual spike in demand for live animals for the Festival of the Sacrifice, due on September 1, presented challenges for livestock exporters and their importing customers, but that in-market preparation had boosted the industry’s confidence that the 2017 festival would deliver further progress in the management of Australian livestock during the annual celebrations.

Mr Crean said significant year-on-year improvements in the handling and processing of Australian livestock were facilitated by long-term planning by Australian exporters, in collaboration with in-market supply chain partners.

“Not only does the Festival of the Sacrifice (known as Eid al-Adha in the Middle East and Korban in South East Asia) place considerable pressure on Australia’s world-leading control and traceability livestock systems, it also places increased attention of the integrity of our supply chains,” Mr Crean said.

“Our industry welcomes that scrutiny because we are proud of the continuous improvements we’re achieving and we do not shy away from the challenges and risks inherent during these busy periods.”


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