The 2011 Farmer Review of the livestock export industry commissioned by the Australian Government recommended that the industry explore the application of quality assurance to complement the Government’s regulatory compliance and control program ESCAS.

Since then, industry initiated research has explored the role of QA and risk assessment as tools to assist exporters meet and demonstrate that exported livestock are treated in accordance with ESCAS animal welfare requirements. A fully implementable welfare and risk assessment and certification program – the Livestock Global Assurance Program (LGAP) – has been developed and the research report which outlines the Program is currently under consideration by Australian exporters.

The development of LGAP has considered existing livestock export challenges and seeks to address them through a smarter approach to through chain welfare assurance.

To assist with the understanding of LGAP as it develops the Livestock Export Program (LEP) has developed a webinar and a series of frequently asked questions here: www.livestockglobalassurance.org

Link to press release: Livestock exporters welcome Federal commitment for LGAP implementation

ESCAS & LGAP Diagrams