The Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC) is the peak industry body representing the livestock export sector.  In 1998, ALEC’s role as an industry body was prescribed under the Australian Meat and Live-stock Industry Act 1997.

ALEC is responsible for setting industry policy, providing strategic direction and representing its members at all levels. Our mission is to lead the development and growth of the sector through an improvement the livestock export business environment; promote professional excellence and secure our standing with the Australian public and our customers.

ALEC Members include Australian Government licensed livestock exporters by sea and air of feeder, slaughter and breeder sheep, cattle (including dairy), goats, buffalo and camels.  Our members account for more than 95% of Australia’s annual livestock exports.  The Council’s membership also extends to supply chain participants including producers, registered premise operators, ship owners and other suppliers to the trade.  State based exporter associations from WA, NT, South Australia, Victoria, Queensland and New South Wales are also members of ALEC.

ALEC plays an active role in promoting the interests of the livestock export sector including industry’s investment in improving animal welfare, encouraging the adoption of best practice across the industry and advising members on challenges and changes to the operating environment.

ALEC representatives actively participate in a number of industry committees including:

* Protocol Committee (focused on the health requirements of importing countries

* Live Export Research & Development Advisory Committee (LERDAC)

* Breeding Livestock Committee

* Industry Reform Strategy Governance Committee

ALEC is an active member of the National Farmers Federation and the Red Meat Advisory Council.  We also participate in SAFEMEAT and other industry supply chain committees.

For more information about ALEC or to become a member contact us.