Dayne Pratzky went from a conservative kangaroo and pig-shooter to a rural activist in a matter of days.

Jokingly referring to himself as “Australia’s worst environmentalist”, Mr Pratzky, will give the live export industry an insight in to what drives an activist to dedicate their life to fighting for a particular cause at this year’s LIVEXchange Conference in Darwin on 25 & 26 November.

After gas company representatives showed up on Mr Pratzky’s doorstep, near Tara on Queensland’s Darling Downs, and told him they were drilling for gas and there was nothing he could do about it, he became an unlikely activist against Coal Seam Gas.

CEO of the Australian Livestock Exporter’s Council Alison Penfold says while CSG may seem worlds apart from the live export industry, Mr Pratzky aims to shed some light on what drives someone to activism and what it means to have so much passion for a particular issue that you would do almost anything to champion your cause.

“Mr Pratzky isn’t your typical greenie, he is an ordinary bloke, who became angry at injustice and acted on it,” Ms Penfold says.

Mr Pratzky’s seven-year crusade to stop CSG mining is now the subject of a documentary, Frackman, which premiered in March this year.

In the film Mr Pratzky says: “I wasn’t born into this kind of thing. I used to cut down trees, drive a diesel four-wheel drive and harvest kangaroos. I’m the worst environmental activist this world’s ever seen.”

On the subject of the live export industry, Mr Pratzky says overall he supports the industry as he knows how important it is to farmers and the economy, “but there are clearly some issues with the humane treatment of livestock in other countries and they need to be addressed”.

“Industry needs to take on board what the activists are concerned about and work with them instead of against them, which could help grow the export trade across the world,” he says.

Ms Penfold says “live export industry stakeholders will be able to gain a first-hand perspective on life as an activist, which may help us understand how animal welfare activists operate and why they do what they do”.

Mr Pratzky will present during day two of the conference and is part of a session titled “Our world has changed – how do we communicate”.

Registrations are now open to attend LIVEXchange, where stakeholders will discuss, debate and network on key issues confronting the Australian live trade’s future based on the theme of People, perspective and relationships.

The inaugural LIVEXchange conference was held in Townsville 2013 and saw more than 300 industry stakeholders gather for this hugely successful event.

LIVEXchange is a partnership between LiveCorp, Australian Livestock Exporters’ Council (ALEC) and the Northern Territory Livestock Exporters Association (NTLEA).

For more information and to register: www.livexchangeconference.com.au


Media Contact: Alison Penfold – 0408 633 026